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Painted Windows - I promise they aren't that scary!!

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Was I scared at first.. yes!! It feels so strange to spray paint in your house but the end results are SO worth it. I have to be honest, would I paint newer windows in a newer house?? Probably not! But ours are old, the previous owners got paint all over the window trim, and painting them yourself is a heck of a lot cheaper than purchasing all new windows!!

So far I have painted our living room, kitchen, entry way, and now our dining room windows and have no regrets. I used black Rustoleum Spray Paint and Primer in semi-gloss every time. I have seen other creators use different finishes such as satin, so that is entirely up to you!

The Prep Work:

Before we go any further let me tell you about the prep work involved.... It takes FOREVER! (It's about an hour worth of prep time for about 5 minutes of pray time.) And you must cover EVERYTHING. The overspray is outrageous so if you step back and ask yourself if you should use more plastic the answer is probably yes. I highly recommend using the Scotch Tape + Plastic. It has the tape already attached to the plastic and is so much easier to work with rather than trying to juggle a roll of tape, scissors, and the roll in your hands all while trying to measure how much to cut. It clings to everything so go ahead and save yourself the headache and free up an extra hand!!

If the paragraph above completely overwhelmed you another option is to paint your windows with a brush. Alissa at Home.and.chaos painted hers this way and was able to skip most of the prep work! I may have to try her method on one of my other windows when I get to it!!

How to Spray Paint Your Windows...


  1. Rustoleum Spray Paint and Primer

  2. Scotch Tape + Plastic.

  3. Painters tape

  4. Box cutter

Steps to spray painting your windows:

  1. Clean your window sill and window trim.

  2. Tape off the windows and all the surrounding areas like the floors, furniture, countertops, walls, etc.. Be sure to press down really hard along all your tape to ensure that paint is not able to bleed through.

  3. Use a razor blade to help cut off any excess tape.

  4. Open ALL your windows and doors and don't forget to wear a mask.

  5. Spray a light coat to avoid drips. Let each coat dry and repeat until window is fully covered.

  6. If you have any locks on your window, be sure to flip them once the window is completely dry to paint the inside before removing any tape and plastic.

  7. Enjoy your fresh new windows!!!

Note: If any paint happens to get on your window it will come right off simply by scraping it with a blade. I have also had to get out the house paint a couple of times to touch up a few bleed marks on the window sill but most of the time the tape creates really smooth and clean lines!

Faux Muntins.. Let's talk about them!

You know the big beautiful black windows with the grids?? You can go a step further and also achieve this look if you want an even bigger window transformation!! An actual muntin separates each pain of glass in a window but in newer homes you will most likely find imitation muntin's. This means the grid will attach to one large piece of glass. If you do not already have this look on your windows or you are needing to change the current color of your muntin's keep reading.

A few ways to achieve a faux muntin look..

1. I have applied wooden trim muntins to my back door with Double Sided Gorilla Tape. See a video with details here.

2. You can use the electrical tape method. I have used this method on our very high up entry way window to cover up the existing brown muntins that were already inside the window. You can't tell there is tape up there at all!

3. You can custom order window panes from Angela Rose Home has used this method and it looks easy and fabulous.

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