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One Room Challenge Week 1: Dining Room Makeover

Well.. my seat belt is buckled and I'm ready to roll!! Honestly.. I can't believe I'm typing this out as I decided to join in on the Fall 2021 ORC fun just TWO days ago. It was a total "why not?" last minute decision moment. This will be my third time participating as a guest and every time it is the MOST rewarding experience!

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The One Room Challenge is an 8 week design challenge that happens twice a year in which twenty featured designers are chosen to completely transform a space. Hundreds of other guest participants (that's me) can also decide to join in on the fun to makeover a room in their home. Participants will post their room progress every Thursday via Instagram or their blog. You can follow along with all the other guests here.


Our "Dining Room"!!!! I put it in quotes for two reasons. One.. because we have no intentions of ever using it as a dining room. Two.. because this room has barely been touched since we moved in 3 years ago!! We added a feature wall with dark green paint and board and batten and then I decided to paint over it. No surprise there! Now the board and batten needs to be completely removed as it looks very out of place on only one wall. This room was actually a holding place for all of our patio furniture for almost two years before our patio was ever built! Now that all of the furniture has been moved out it is a blank slate. I'm not sure which one of those is worse because this is the first room you see as you walk into our home!! My goal over the next 8 weeks is to not only make this space a beautiful and welcoming focal point as you walk in our front door but also to create some much needed extra storage. One day my dream would be to close off this room completely so it has the option to be a beautiful office space or even a playroom! I mean who knows, maybe that will come true over these next 8 weeks but first I am focusing all of my energy into these built ins. I have never built anything like this so I am really eager and a lot bit nervous to tackle this build.




- Finish painting the current walls

- Remove board and batten feature wall

- Paint and trim out window

- Install sconces using the "Magic Light Trick"

- Build and paint built ins

- If time and budget allows we will also close off the room by adding a wall

- Accessorize and decorate the room for the final reveal on November 18th!!

This really is going to be so much fun and I can't wait to take you along through the whole process. You can join me on Instagram where you can catch real time of all the ups and downs via stories. Progress photos will be posted every Thursday and don't forget to check out all the other amazing participants and their design plans here!!

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